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Is your pet afraid of fireworks?

Sep 10, 2009 - 1:31:27 PM

Fireworks are a part of all sorts of celebrations – not just Bonfire Night, but Christmas and New Year as well. Many pets are frightened by flashes and loud noises and this should not be ignored or it could develop into a significant problem. Our staff are always available to assist as to the best way to help your pets cope.

A plug-in pheromone diffusor that dispenses natural calming hormones into the room can help in over ¾ of cases. If you make a den for your dog and cat in the quietest curtained room in the house with toys to play with it adds to the effect. Diverting their attention with games and play or simply putting the tv or music on slightly louder can help distract them from anxiety. However trying to reassure your pet when frightened sometimes only convinces them there is something to be afraid of.

If insufficient improvement is seen prescription medications are available that can assist further.

In the longer term, animals needs to learn to be less afraid of loud noises. We recommend using a Sound Therapy Pack which slowly and systematically helps them reduce stress levels due to loud noises once the season is over.

Michelle Lowe V.N.