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Jan 29, 2015 - 9:00:07 AM

See our home page article for the FREE CHIPPING/ WORMING WITH VACCINATIONS when having vaccinations at Evergreen (WORTH £15-£22)

Unlike many vets we try and follow the latest AAHA and WSAVA guidelines on vaccination and frequency of boosters as closely as is practicable.


We only vaccinate pets for the specific diseases that pose a threat to your pet and give boosters at the suggested frequency indicated by the independent guidelines above.

Core vaccines for dogs; Distemper (D), Inf.Canine Hepatitis (ICH), Parvovirus, and Leptospirosis.

Core vaccines for indoor cats : Feline Infectious Enteritis.(FIE).

Core vaccines for cats that go to catteries FIE, Cat flu (FCV+FVR).

Core vaccines for cats that go outside: FIE, Leukaemia Virus (FeLv), Cat Flu.



There is substantial evidence that all dogs need an annual booster for Leptospirosis.

Most dogs over a year only need a booster for Distemper, ICH and Parvovirus every third year.

Kennel Cough vacc. is mostly only used for dogs going into kennels or attending training classes.

Parinfluenza (Pi) not a core vaccine but is included in initial courses at no extra cost.

We charge exactly the same fee for a dog core vaccination health exam. & booster £29.42



All cats need a vaccination for FIE at least every third year

Feline leukaemia and Cat flu boosters are required every year to ensure full protection.

Chlamydia vaccines are only used where cats are at known risk.

Cat health examination and Flu and FIE booster £23.65

Cat health examination and Flu, FIE and FeLv booster £47.00


New course or booster?

If animals lapse more than 3 months, they have little residual protection, but they will still respond to a normal vaccination booster up to 6 months after their booster was due for Leptospirosis (dogs) or Flu/FeLv (cats).


Initial course

Dog - 2 vaccinations a fortnight apart

Early protection course (6-9 weeks old) £63.90

Older puppy or adult course (10+ weeks old) £57.90


A vaccine is now available to protect against leishmaniasis. We recommend it if you are plannjing to travel to an area where this disease is common i.e. areas around the mediterranean.

Please discuss this with one of the vets if you think it may be relevant


Cats – 2 vaccinations three weeks apart

Indoor & cattery cats 2 x ( FIE +RCP/FVR) £38.94

Outside access cats 2 x (FIE+RCP/FVR+FeLv) £70.30


Please do not choose a vet on the basis of cost of vaccinations alone!

See our separate advice page on Choosing a Veterinary Surgeon - 5 Do's and Don'ts.

We know we are not the cheapest vets for vaccines but we do offer 10% discount for 2 pets given boosters at the same time. Details of more substantial discounts for whole litters/multiples can be obtained using our Register Interest link . We also provide complementary puppy and kitten new pet checks, short term insurance cover and flea treatments.

We aim to be FAIR and OPEN: to provide the individual vaccination course that is right for your pet (which often involves more significant savings and no unnecessary boosters.)

(Fees as at 17/02/15)