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Evergreen Hydrotherapy

We have an air-conditioned chalet to the rear of our premises which houses our Teknic SP200 underwater treadmill and physical treatment centre. This combines the beneficial effects of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

Our computer controlled modern unit allows your dog to have a personalized exercise program tailor-made to your dog’s needs whilst much of its weight is supported by water. 



  • Hip dysplasia

  • Elbow dysplasia and arthroses

  • Spinal injuries and paralysis

  • Cruciate ligament problems

  • Muscle wastage

  • Rehabilitation after surgery, especially for conditions involving bones, ligaments or nerves


  • Weight management

  • Improving heart and lung function

  • Improving mobility in older dogs

  • Increasing or maintaining fitness, stamina and muscle tone for working and show dogs

During your initial consultation details of your dog’s current needs and abilities will be assessed allowing us to devise their own individual rehabilitation program. At the start of each treatment session, we will discuss your dog’s progress and make any adjustments to the regime.

Most insurance policies cover hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. We can help you to make your claim.

If you are interested come and see us. We will be more than happy to show you our hydrotherapy suite and answer any queries you may have.



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